About us

Catchy items is a self employd company located in Norway. 

Our organization number is: 919298863.

We are an online store with many different product groups. We are a Norwegian company with inventories in Spain.

Our website is secured with "Secured SSL" which ensures that your password and credit card number are kept private and secure. (See box to the left of the URL line)

We are no big company, only one-person enterprise.
This leads to a better customer care and better follow-up of you as a customer.
Good customer care is necessary for us as a company for the opportunity for future growth.

We will constantly update our inventory and it will be a pleasure to follow our facebook page, as news, offers and opportunity will always be announced to win prizes in our competitions.

We are available for communication both through mail and social media. You will receive a response within 24 hours. We will also eventually have a phone offer. Until then you can talk directly with the general manager by handing you through mail or social media, then we will call you.